Before an item can be coated, it must be cleaned and free of any dirt, grease, or oil. This is either done with an abrasive or with chemicals. Media blasting, commonly known as sand blasting, is one pre-treatment technique used by TPC. Typically TPC uses a coal slag as our media of choice. Coal slag is cost effective and represents lower health hazards than other media such as silica. Due to the dangers of inhaling dust during the process, media blasting is carefully controlled, using supplied air, protective wear, and proper ventilation from the blast room. Media blasting uses a blast pot and a rapid air supplied blaster nozzle that propels small grits of media at the product/substrate at a high velocity. After a proper media blast, the metal product will be completely stripped of all potential contaminants.  

Media blasting is commonly sought by customers for very large products that are over the 8’x8’x25 TPC size requirement. If the item is too large, liquid paint is the best option. We will blast your part and have it perfectly prepped for painting to ensure the best adhesion possible!